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Oh Boy Look At The Time Meme

So, do you want to throw a celebration every time your child finally falls asleep at night? Do you hate having to shift your child's car seat into another vehicle? Is raising your children like battling a swarm of Velociraptors? If you can relate to any or all of the above, then this collection of amusing parent memes created by Bored Panda is for you. Remember to vote for the funniest memes!

Consider the worst school or prom photo in your family photo book, and then imagine that photo album is the internet. That's how life has been for the Internet personalities behind our favorite humorous memes. Fortunately, although the internet does not forget its famous people, it does provide opportunities for repentance. Remember famous memes like "side-eyeing Chloe" and "bad luck Brian?" They are, after all, adults. The expressions these 'celebrities' made are permanently recorded in the finest memes on the web, from humorous to downright awful, but now so are their before and after makeovers. Most of these stars, like excellent wine, have improved with time. And, despite their age, their amusing expressions from the finest memes are still fairly identifiable (don't worry, the insanely photogenic man is still ridiculously photogenic). Scroll down to view your favorite meme celebs from time to time, and don't forget to vote for your favorites!


75. Riot kiss in Vancouver Have you ever loved someone as much as these two did in the middle of Canada's greatest riot since Vice Admiral Cantwell made a snide comment about Queen Victoria's corset in 2011? You have not. To love in this way would imply disregarding the facts of the actual world but simultaneously possessing a heart. Photoshoppers agreed, emphasizing the impression by putting them in historical scenarios they couldn't care less about.

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