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National Throw A Short Person Day Urban Dictionary

P. 1: Wow, I earned $5 on September 2nd since it was short people day! Given your stature, I'm sure that annoys you. P. 2: Oh, you've never heard of Tall Person Day! Tall People Day is celebrated on March 2nd, six months after September 2nd. Tall folks get $5! P. 1: I'd never heard of it! What a fascinating subject!

In 2015, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton dabbed in the end zone, causing dabbing to become viral. The dance was afterwards done by everyone from star Betty White to Scripps National Spelling Bee contestants. In terms of how the dance came to be known as dabbing, artist Bow Wow states that the actions are meant to mimic shielding one's mouth from coughing fits that occur after ingesting a hash dab.

Bolivia has the world's smallest people, with a population height average of roughly 4 feet, 11.5 inches tall when both genders are included. The nation is one of the poorest in South America, with one in every three children under the age of five suffering from chronic malnutrition, which commonly results in short stature. Genetic and hormonal factors are also suspected as perpetrators, with Bolivian girls suffering more than boys. Data also revealed that 42 percent of newborns were born with low stature. Skin cancer risk is increased by 30%.

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