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It should come as no surprise that someone who can write a timeless tribute to pursuing one's curiosity would remain dedicated to art and progressive ideals long after the music has ended. Chasing the White Rabbit, at least in Grace Slick's case, turns out to be a lifelong endeavor.

Balin and Kantner then enlisted the help of additional musicians to become the Matrix's house band. They recruited Bob Harvey, a bluegrass acoustic bassist, and Jerry Peloquin, a former Marine Band drummer. Kantner and Balin both want a female vocalist for the band. Balin requested female vocalist Signe Toly Anderson to be the group's co-lead singer after seeing her perform at the Drinking Gourd. Anderson stayed with the band for a year and appeared on their debut record before leaving in October 1966 to have her first child. [11] They still need a lead guitarist. Kantner enlisted the help of an old friend, blues guitarist Jorma Kaukonen, who auditioned and joined the band in June, completing the original lineup. Kaukonen, originally from Washington, D.C., traveled to California in the early 1960s and met Kantner in 1962 at Santa Clara University. Kaukonen was asked to jam with the new band, and while he was first hesitant, he was won over after playing his guitar through a tape delay device that was part of Ken Kesey's Acid Test sound system.

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