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Los Valientes De David Predica

RVR60 2 Samuel 23.1317 And three of the thirty-four chiefs descended and arrived during David's siege in Adulam's cave, while the filisteos' camp was in Refaim's valley. David was then in a strong position, and he had a guarnicin of filisteos in Beln. And David said vehemently, "Who would give me water from the Beln pond next to the door?" Then the three valiants went into the filisteos' camp and took water from the pozo of Beln that was next to the gate; and they took it and brought it to David; but he didn't want to drink it, so he gave it to Jehov, saying, "Leave it to me, Oh Jehov, that I do this." I had to drink the blood of the varones that were threatening his life? I didn't want to drink it. This was accomplished by three outstanding individuals.

Conclusion: David's valientes were not always valientes; at times, they were people like you and me. 1 Samuel 22:1-2 Lee This is the passage from Adulam's cave. What's up, everyone? Vagabundos, exiles, hudados, endeudados, gente que hudo de su crculo social por ser escoria humana. If you like speculating, there is little doubt that you will come across those who will be David's valiants in the future; reflect on this and prepare to fight.

We may see that Versculo 18 is completed by saying And they took water from Beln's well, which was near the door, and brought it to David. These three brave souls answered the call, and despite risking their lives, they played, and I'm sure David would remember them even if they hadn't arrived till the end. Y pensaba que nada hubiese sido más fcil para aquellos 3 hombres conseguir agua from cualquier other lugar y traerla a David, pero estos 3 hombres amaban a su Rey y lo sirvieron a la perfeccin. And let me ask you, what are you doing today for God? What does he really desire? According to the Bible, God is the Champion of those who seek Him.

This story serves as a beautiful example of a work of love for us. We have our Seor's commands, but we also have his Word, which expresses all of his desires. Responding to them has made us appreciate the dulzura of their community (Juan 14:21, 23). Filisteos who obstruct the path are a picture of the flesh that mingles with spiritual things and leads to traditionalism and a rigid and strict legalism, as well as a worldly Christianity that frustrates the desires of the Lord's heart toward us. In a time of weakness and abandonment, it is a joy for us to react, not to orders, but to the desires of our Lord, whom we know through his Word, even if we are only two or three. Abisai and Benaa, Versculos 18-23

Los Valientes De David Quienes Eran


Los Valientes De David Reflexión

Fijmonos were also a kind of sumo sacerdote. Campanillas and granadas adorned the hems of her gowns, representing the flowers and fruits, respectively. Why is that? Because campanillas may collide with one another and produce a cacofnic sound. To avoid this, God placed granadas in the middle of them. There is no balance if you are really animated at church but have a cascarrabias at home. There is no balance if you speak with Christians yet stand in front of non-Christians. Speaking spiritually, we must be ambidextrous!

four (1 de Samuel 22:16-19) Sal orders the execution of the sacerdotes and their families, which is carried out by Doeg the Edomita. And the king said, "Without a doubt, Ahimelec, you and your father's whole household will perish." Then the king said to his guardsmen who were surrounding him, "Volveos and matad a los sacerdotes de Jehov; because tambin la mano de ellos esta with David, y sabiendo que hua, no me lo descubrieron." But the king's guards did not want to stretch their hands to kill Jehov's priests. The king then said to Doeg, "Vuelve t, and arremete against the sacerdotes." And Doeg the edomita returned, acometi to the sacerdotes, and mat in that da to eighty and five varones who wore lino efod. Y a Nob, la ciudad de los sacerdotes, hiri a filo de espada; a hombre como a mujer, nios hasta los de pecho, bueyes, asnos y ovejas, todo hiri a filo de espada.

1) It is God who chooses.

Nobody thought of David when the prophet Samuel went to David's house to choose the next king of Israel. But, like He had done before with Dbora, God had chosen her to lead Israel's birth in the midst of a male-dominated society. Stop attempting to decipher God and comparing yourself to others. We have rejected many of the people whom God has used, demonstrating our ignorance.


In a society like ours, when values and principles seem to be absent from what people do, valiant men and women are required. What characteristics surround the valiant? They are committed to what they do, set goals, refuse to accept their place in the crowd, and, most all, have their gaze fixed on Seor Jess. This guarantees them victory in anything they do.

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