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Lifestyle Polygraph Questions Reddit

use of the polygraph is scare value, said Sean Bigley, national security attorney and managing partner of Bigley Ranish LLP. The polygraph is more about getting scared people to admit what they would have otherwise omitted on their SF-86 than it is about actually digging up deception independently. Bearing that in mind, here is the reality: the scare tactic works subconsciously on many people. Just like your security clearance application, you are better off being truthful when you answer questions in a security clearance polygraph. Just as issues can be mitigated in a whole person security clearance determination, seemingly self-incriminating polygraph responses may also be mitigated if you provide truthful answers.

This is by far the most comprehensive list of lifestyle polygraph questions youll find anywhere. This is by far the best guide that Ive ever heard, and Ive recommended it to many readers. This guide was written by the editor of this website and focuses on a specific set of questions that are best for polygraph testing. These questions were chosen by several polygraph experts and can be found in the FAQ section of this website. The most common type of question is one that asks questions about how many people are there in the world.

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