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Im Calling The Police Meme Shrek

I mean, I grasp the memes' irony. All memes, however, die for a reason, and Shrek died YEARS ago. It wasn't even that humorous when it originally came out. It has now progressed to the point where everyone has not only murdered the joke, but also collected all of its organs and desecrated the body. Every time I think we've reached rock bottom in humor, there's some type of "Shrek hilarious LOL" joke with 10k+ upvotes. Guys, we need to boost our game.

Children flocked to the endearing Shrek, an ogre with a heart of gold. There was also Donkey, the quick-witted devoted sidekick, and the lovely Princess Fiona. Adults, on the other hand, enjoyed the sarcastic humour, which made viewing the movies enjoyable regardless of age. So it was no surprise that the sequels were also a success. Shrek ascended to such heights that he now gets his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Talk about celebrity!

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The band has done a good job with the song's meme. It's a wonderful tune to remix and mashup, lead vocalist Steve Harwell told the Daily Dot in January 2017. Its location in the pocket allows it to function with a wide range of tunes for mashups. That's presumably why the band started it. According to Harwell, when the song was released, Interscope, the band's label, commissioned roughly ten different remixes. He explains, "Our normal response is, Hey, we developed the meme." Of course, there is another reason they may be open to remixes. According to Harwell, All Star sales are highly constant.

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