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Why is Voldemort's nose so flat in the Harry Potter series? And no, it's not due of a faulty Reducto spell or because he ran into the incorrect wall at the railway station. Lord Voldemort of Harry Potter: Why He's the Worst Villain Ever. Otherwise known as Lord Voldemort, the greatest villain of all time.

Harry Styles, happy birthday! Enjoy these memes while you celebrate. If you're not a One Direction fan, there's still a possibility you'll like Harry Styles. He's a thing of beauty and elegance, and he's one of our favorite solo musicians right now. Since his meteoric ascent to popularity in 2010, February 1st has been marked by stans all around the world as... Harry Styles' birthday!

No thanks, 02 of 20 We've Already Given at Work We're OK. This Harry Potter meme depicts a snake rising from the floor and resting against a door. This meme makes a joke about a snake, which is usually connected with the story's antagonist, Voldemort, door-to-door preaching for him. Get the "Do you have time to talk?" meme. 3rd of 20 This definitely escalated. Quickly visit want Isn't the railing a dead giveaway? A walled-off escalator is featured in this Harry Potter meme. The children in the tales board a train to Hogwarts by going through a wall at the railway station. The humor here is that there is an escalator instead of a wall. Download the "Hogwarts Escalator" meme

Ron was immensely entertaining in the early Harry Potter films, and the youthful character at the time had some hilarious facial expressions. When Ron was bewildered or terrified, his facial expressions were sometimes so dramatic and funny-looking that admirers began to notice and love them even more. These facial expressions clearly revealed his anxiety or perplexity, and they contributed humor to various scenes in the series that would have been a bit more serious without the comedy. This meme is an excellent example of one of those classic looks that every Ron Weasley fan would enjoy. 9 His Connection to Hermione

Harry Potter Happy Birthday Meme

courtesy of Of course, the magical world isn't intended to make perfect, clear, logical sense. You sometimes have to jump through hoops to explain things to yourself. Why is the caretaker the only one who cannot use magic in a castle full of witches and wizards who could magically clean the premises in seconds? So he has a role to perform, I suppose, a significant part in the magical realm. Something to such effect.

2 Giphy Happy Happy From Hagrid & Hedwig Who wouldn't be delighted to see these couple peering through the window? And, to be honest, an owl makes a terrific gift. 3 Allow them to eat cupcakes. Giphy Even Death Eaters understand that cupcakes are appropriate for birthdays. And Strawberry & Death seems like a reasonable hipster taste, right?

One of Harry Potter fans' favorite moments was undoubtedly the first time Ron addressed to Hermione as his girlfriend, which was done in typical Ron flair. When Crabbe and Goyle set fire to the Room of Requirement, this was the moment. He pursued the two of them and Draco after they attempted to curse Hermione. He famously chased them down, saying, "That's my girlfriend, you idiot!" The scene was so beautiful that Hermione smiled. This scene demonstrates not just how amusing Ron is, but also how loyal he is, prepared to protect everyone he cares about. 1 Ron Was A Wonderful Friend

Birthdays are one of the most anticipated and cherished days of the year. Friends and family members like throwing parties and planning surprises. Sending a funny happy birthday meme is the greatest way to make someone chuckle. The Internet is brimming with happy birthday memes, making it tough to find one that would make someone chuckle. Every meme was humorous at one point in time. For example, when the grumpy cat was famous, there was a witty meme that said: Another year closer to death? Happy or Happy birthday! When your candles cost more than your cake, you know you're growing old. There are several humorous memes featuring the men from The Hangover, as well as funny or goofy animals, superheroes, Game of Thrones characters, infants, and many more.

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Harry Potter Dibujos Para Imprimir Y Colorear Im Genes, Imagens Para Colorir Do Harry Potter, Desenhos Para Colorir Do Harry Potter O Mundo Das Crian As, is an open platform where people may share their favorite wallpapers, photos, and videos. You agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by downloading this wallpaper. This picture is exclusively for personal desktop wallpaper use; if you are the creator and discover that this image has been shared without your permission, please contact us for a DMCA notice.

Harry Potter is never not amusing. Even after all of the books and movies, the ensemble of wizards continues to make us laugh. It's difficult to know where to begin with an all-consuming voracious pop cultural behemoth like Harry Potter. For me, the Harry Potter phenomenon started around the age of 10, when I read the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (or Sorcerers Stone; your stone-owner preferences may differ).

Harry Potter has united not just the magical community, but also the Muggles on the opposite side. It taught us about camaraderie, bravery, and commitment. This is a tale that will go on for ages. Do you want to relive the magic? Check out these amusing Harry Potter memes that will remind you of Harry and his pals' stupidity.

Harry Potter memes have been a staple of the internet for as long as some of the series' youngest fans have been alive. Many Harry Potter memes depend on information that only book or movie enthusiasts would have, whilst others are response visuals that express a sentiment or emotion that anybody seeing the meme will understand. Harry Potter memes are often utilized as inside jokes on social media. Here's our list of the top 20 Harry Potter memes. Page 1 of 20 Harry Imgur, you're a wizard. And you're a hairy magician, too. What's the big deal? The picture in this Harry Potter meme is divided in half horizontally, with Hagrid on top and Harry Potter on the bottom. In the first film, Hagrid informs Harry that he is a wizard, to which Harry responds, "I'm a what?" This is a word play. A watt is a power unit. "I'm a watt" meme may be downloaded here.

Harry Potter Happy Birthday Meme Generator

When compared to common names, these names feel a bit more mystical and mysterious. Another feature of Harry Potter names is their internationality. After all, a Hogwarts student, or a wizard or witch in general, may be from anywhere in the globe. Consider the following worldwide brands:

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The plot centres on Harry Potter, who was orphaned as a baby due to the terrible wizard Voldemort. The seven volumes describe not only his exploits at Hogwarts School of Magic, but also his confrontations with evil. His closest pals, Hermione Granger and Ron Wesley, also play important roles. They encourage the reader to join them in exploring a world of friendship, adversity, and enchantment.

However, there are free options. For the book title, you may use Harry P by Phoenix Phonts instead; for chapter titles, Lumos is also quite similar, and a typeface named Hagrid was made to replicate the letters. You may get them for free by clicking on the links. Please keep in mind that these free fonts may not be professionally produced or may have an incomplete character set, but they are suitable for personal projects or for fun. Make Text Graphics Using the Harry Potter Font

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