Hand Me The Aux Cord Meme

I purchased this cable a few months ago, and although it is adequate in length and quality, it has failed me where it counts the most. When I attach the cable into my LG V20, it does not produce the required left or right stereo channels. The left earbud is playing the right channel, and vice versa, the left channel is playing the right channel. Most people won't notice unless they know the sounds and which side they generally play from. This problem became apparent when I began using FL Studio mobile on my phone while using my Bluetooth headphones with this cord. Panning sounds left caused them to go right, and so forth. That's all there is to it. The cable seems to be robust, however it does not correctly play back sound. Only three stars since the cable works, although inefficiently.

His brother Frankline, the one with the aux cord, as well as a student and Twitch streamer, told Insider that they replayed the song "three or four times" throughout the vehicle journey.

"I played it, and the first few choruses, he was a little suspicious," Frankline said. "He was like, 'dude, what are you playing, this isn't rap music, this isn't hip-hop, it's not like, top 100, it's a sea shanty,'" said the musician.

The radio was, of course, the inspiration for the automobile stereo. (The Motorola corporation, which invented one of the earliest vehicle stereos in 1930, derived its name from that concept: motorcar + Victrola = Motorola.) At first, this was just large, costly radio boxes attached to the automobile, but it gradually evolved to become incorporated with the vehicle, with FM introduced in the 1950s, enabling music on the airways to not sound like total garbage for the first time. After a notable (failed) attempt by Chrysler in the 1950s to create an in-car record player, the 4-track Stereo-Pak tape device was introduced in 1962, and with it, the ability to choose your own damn music, if you weren't too fond of listening to what people like Alan Freed were being paid to play for you. Soon after, there were 8-tracks, then cassette tapes, and finally those guys with 10-disc CD changers in the back of their BMWs. You can guess where it all went from there.

Product Information

Use a louder speaker to listen to music, podcasts, and other noises from your phone. Connect your phone or tablet's headphone port to your favorite speaker or soundbar utilizing 3.5 mm audio connectors with the Best Buy essentials BE-HCL307 6' 3.5 mm Audio Cable. Its 6 ft. (1.8 m) length allows for versatile positioning, allowing you to move about while being within reach. Slim connections are designed to fit into most protective case cuts, eliminating the need to remove the case every time you use it. Nickel-plated brass connections and flexible PVC provide the necessary durability. Whether you're listening alone or with others, this cable provides high-quality music with TCR connections and low signal loss. Enjoy high-quality sound from one device to another, backed by Best Buy.

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