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God When Meme Text Twitter

You're going to be on my dick till you die! You are useless in life. Your life's goal is to be on my stream every day slurping on my dick! Your goal is to be in that chat room every day, blowing that dick! Your existence is meaningless! You have no purpose! You should commit suicide right now! And give someone else a bit of the oxygen and ozone layer that is being protected so that we may breathe within this blue confined bubble. Because what are you doing here? To adore me? Take your own life. That is something I really believe. One thousand percent. Following Low Tier God's worldwide ban from Capcom-related events in April 2020 due to the player's history of abusive utterances, fans began posting amusing remixes of the video online, with users adapting the film to varied music. For example, on April 26th, 2020, YouTube user Remy Dyte uploaded a version set to the soundtracks of Sonic 3 and Knuckles. In one year, the video had over 74,600 views. On May 4th, 2020, Twitter user @prowerrr_ tweeted a 15.ai meme in which SpongeBob narrated the rant, garnering over 55,500 views, 1,400 retweets, and 4,900 likes in a year (shown below).

Are you in the correct frame of mind to read about this meme? This one was inspired by a Twitter thread started by feminist writer and activist Melissa Fabello, who posted a script for responding to friends when you don't have the emotional stamina to listen to them rant. Though some regarded it as sound advise for setting healthy limits, many others saw it as a somewhat clinical approach to treating a friend and ridiculed it into memedom. Just a few days later, Twitter user @yanabirt gave some tips on how to break bad news to a friend (in a screenshot of the most horrifying text you could ever send me): Are you in the correct frame of mind to hear information that might potentially harm you? It stated. Many others perceived it as cold and robotic, similar to Fabello's writing. One user responded, "I would genuinely start bawling if I got this message," and, you know, same.

The Summertime in Paris singer, who was 20 at the time of the interview, then impersonated adolescents by flailing his arms about and yelling strange phrases like selfie, phone, and bro. Jaden Smith said, "I'm like, guy, oh my gosh, can we speak about the world's political and economic status right now?" Can we discuss about the state of the environment? Can we speak about anything else?

Memes and pop culture increasingly go hand in hand, according to Kaitlyn Tiffan of The Verge. They don't lurk in subforums and Subreddits; instead, they appear in group chats and on the Instagram account of your neighborhood restaurant. Memes have evolved from a relatively obscure kind of casual comedy to a daily aspect of social interaction. They are still often employed as comic devices, but they have also evolved into such a recognized communicating strategy that they are capable of transmitting ideas, views, and information.

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