Gaara Black And White Drawing

Gaara can control sand since she is the host of a tailed beast. He and Naruto have a similar upbringing yet have diametrically opposed personalities. This is a mid-shot of Gaara, and he is staring you down. Sketch the guidelines using the pencil tool in black at 30% transparency. Begin by drawing an oval for the head and a curved line for the shoulders. Add the eye, nose, and mouth recommendations. Details may be added using an opaque black and a thin pencil. Using white, erase the guidelines. Fill in the mid tones using the paint bucket tool. Then, for shadows and additional details, use the airbrush tool and deeper tones with less transparency. Highlights are created with a lighter hue than the mid tone. In the same manner that you used the airbrush, add extra details to the shading using thick pencil lines. Make the colors opaque and darker or lighter than the shadows or highlights you just airbrushed in. Finish the design using pencil lines to make your shading more distinct, as opposed to the smoother effect provided by airbrushing.

This is my very first try at pixel art. I didn't make this from scratch since I'm a newbie. I take a still image from the program and outline it in MS Paint. This cannot be proven. I haven't finished the shading yet, but I'll publish it once I figure it out. Tell me what you think till then!

Naruto Coloring Pages is a vast collection of 115 Naruto Uzumaki illustrations. The youngster wishes to achieve widespread respect in the hamlet and realize his long-held ambition of becoming a hokage. To achieve so, he must conquer several obstacles and fight formidable opponents. This page contains black-and-white scenes from the animated series, as well as information on the main character, his friends, and opponents. AniYuki's website has additional new Naruto coloring sheets.

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