Drawing Surrealism Art Black And White

I discovered this drawing I made in college approximately 16 years ago, yikes. People who like your style will appreciate your personalised creations. I'll give it to you. About a month ago, I began sketching as a new pastime. A black-and-white painting shows true emotion without the distraction of color. The emotion of a topic may quickly attract your attention and keep it even after you leave the area.

Andr Breton, Eugne Atget Man Ray resided in Montparnasse, a creative neighborhood that included Duchamp and photographer. As Dada gave way to Surrealism, the Montparnasse district became essential to the latter, which was expressly stated in André Breton's famous 1924 manifesto. Another resident, the vibrant socialite Alice Prin, better known as Kiki de Montparnasse, became Man Ray's girlfriend and inspiration. Her back and face feature in his paintings, and her back and face contribute character to the artist's most renowned pictures, Le Violon d'Ingres and the Noire et Blanche series.

I've been interested in photography since I was a youngster, and I've been pursuing it as a serious pastime since the age of 15. I've experimented with several styles of photography, including street, portrait, concert, product, and stock photography. Because I've experimented with so many different styles of photography, my inspirations have been varied and come from traditional photography and arts rather than digital art. Early on, it was the great masters of photography such as Cartier-Bresson, Leibovitz, Erwitt, Brassai, and many more. I ate a lot of photos and discovered new favorites every day. When I first began making photomontages, I became interested in the works of renowned painters and artists from various areas, such as Magritte, Dali, and Escher. ***

Alet Pilon (*1949) is a surrealist artist who investigates the metaphorical meanings of black and white in her work. Her white ZT (Swan wings) sculptural piece from 1995 may be worn around the shoulders. Her art is reminiscent of the iconic ballet piece "The Dying Swan," as well as the destiny of the fabled Greek hero Icarus. When Icarus flew too near to the sun, his swan feather and wax wings melted. Pilons swan wings seem to be an echo of this broken dream.

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