Diamante Poem Black And White

Line seven has two adjectives that describe the noun. Seventh line: Word that has the opposite meaning as the noun in line one (antonym diamante) or the same meaning as the noun in line one (synonym diamante). The opening line of your poem should include a noun (person, place, or object) that reflects the major theme of your poetry. We'll use the term grin as an example.

Do you need a free writing exercise for WINTER or the month of January? This is a kind of poetry known as a diamante. What exactly is included? 1. A Diamante's definition 2. Instructions for writing a diamante 3. Diamante Illustration 4. Some idea generation 5. A diamond writing template To begin, describe the genre of poetry and come up with winter antonyms! Then go through nouns, adjectives, and -ing terms again. Go through the guidelines for each line with them and then let them write! This is a component of the January Writing Bundle: Jan

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