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According to DOOL spoilers, Stevano, AKA Stefano DiMera, is holed up in the lair with Hattie Adams (Diedre Hall), who is posing as Marlena Evans. He's involved in a scheme to kidnap Marlena from John Black (Drake Hogestyn). Princess Ginas (Kristian Alfonso) is also deceiving. However, Days of our Lives spoilers reveal Gina and Stevano constructed a strategy they felt was a sure thing. But it quickly comes apart. Already, John questions Doc's death. And Marlenas was not the one in the room with the phony patch. It's Hattie, working on a strategy with Marlena. Then things go wrong for Stevano.

Jan arrived to Salem, and Mimi discovered that she had held Shawn captive in her rural house. Jan blackmailed Mimi about the abortion before she could expose her. Jan stumbled and banged her head on a rock while fighting with Mimi, landing her in the hospital in critical condition. Mimi admitted to all of her faults and was sentenced to prison. Rex and Patrick were able to get a film that cleared Mimi's name just in time, and Mimi was freed. Mimi's remorse about her falsehoods to Rex grew, but her mother, Bonnie, persuaded her to remain silent and retain her boyfriend. Rex overheard Belle and Mimi arguing and discovered that Mimi had terminated his kid without ever informing him she was pregnant. He abandoned her and Salem. Mimi despised Belle for wrecking her life and began to develop feelings for her new roommate and high school crush, Shawn. Mimi sought to heal wounds with Belle after the birth of her baby, Claire. Shawn proposed to Mimi on New Year's Eve after months of increasing passion, and they married in March 2006.

During the coronavirus outbreak, a Gossip Girl meme has taken over the Internet! The meme depicts Blake Lively's character, Serena Van Der Woodsen, addressing a question to Leighton Meester's character, Blair Waldorf, and Blair responding with a humorous response. The response is invariably a play on the show's title, with one word, also beginning with a G, replacing Gossip and the girl being Blair's way of addressing Serena. Blake became aware of the internet trend and uploaded a version of the meme she thought amusing. Serena asks Blair, "What should I wear to the supermarket?" and Blair says, "Gloves, girl." Obviously, this refers to the amount of security and care that individuals take while visiting critical companies, such as supermarkets, in the middle of the coronavirus. Blake didn't comment on the meme, but she obviously thought it was amusing, and it had fans all emotional remembering her time on the program.

Drake Ramoray, M.D.

Days was satirized on Friends when Joey Tribbiani was cast as Dr. Drake Ramoray. Friends' stories (with guest appearances by genuine Days of our Lives performers) were completely fictitious and did not reflect what was truly going on on the serial drama. For example, Joey said in one episode that Ramoray discovers a cursed emerald, despite the fact that no character in Days has discovered anything cursed.

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Episode 719 of Friends Amy, Rachel's sister, arrives and stays for Thanksgiving dinner. She's a jerk who recalls Ross as a crazy person with a crush on Rachel and Rachel as an overweight girl who was constantly following Rachel. Rachel is upset with her for not following Rachel, and she insists that she is still in love with Ross. Amy's brother Ross is visiting New York, and they both want to see the movie star. Charlie and Ross Discuss the Thanksgiving Dinner. Rachel and Monica enjoy Rachel's proposition to date Julio so much that they took Charlie to the movies with Ross.

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severity of their own acts, and I'll go insane if anything happens to him and/or Lexi. Relatives Who Are Missing

"Steve" and "Hope" paid a visit to John and Marlena, and "Steve" proposed that he and John leave town to seek for Stefano. While Stefano is out, John insults him while on the phone with Marlena, prompting him to smash a glass in rage and nearly assault John with a piece of glass. After John left the room, Stefano became enraged and shouted that he was weary of waiting and that it was time for him to take what was rightfully his. Gina and Stefano converse, and he acknowledges that he almost murdered John, but he vows that John will be hers just as Marlena will be his. Stefano walks down to the lobby and informs John that he has a lead on Stefano. John agrees and instructs "Steve" to turn back. Stefano does so, and is surprised to see himself face to face with Tony and Anna.

Gabis DiMera's Fate Is Seal, Until [Spoiler] Makes a Surprising Appearance In addition, Allie confides in Tripp about her feelings, but there is a catch. Friday, 20 May 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, Gabi's future at DiMera is decided, Tripp challenges Allie's affections, and Belle lashes out at Preview: What Nicole does *after* Rafe pops the question has the potential to end their marriage before it even begins. How long can this continue? Rafe and Nicole seem to be getting married on Days of Our Lives! Perhaps not right away, but it might...

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that I take for granted, particularly during these times when we are all reminded of the things that actually matter Before Covid, I dont believe any of us completely understood what a simple pleasure it was to be able to travel and be together with family and friends in a secure setting.

Heres to aging gracefully! I never thought that is possible until I met you. Ive never encountered someone with such an effortless beauty as you in our age. Happy 40th Birthday! Dont worry about growing older. Age is entirely a case of thought over matter. If you dont mind, it doesnt matter. Happy 40th birthday!

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