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Namir Deiter with the actors of You Say It First. Many anthro/furry artists on the internet usually depict their characters barefoot, even if they're otherwise clothed quite decently and even if walking barefoot is inappropriate (like, say, in snow). However, including particular artists would almost certainly treble the length of the list. It's fairly unusual for a character's reference sheet to represent the character barefoot, even in numerous different clothes, but even if it goes into great length regarding the character's clothing preferences, their preferred footwear (or desire to be barefoot) is never brought up.

Advertisement:Dan Vs. is an animated comedy series created by Film Roman and Starz that debuted on The Hub on January 1, 2011, as the network's first original animated program not based on an existing property. It centers on Dan, a comedic sociopath who believes that everything bad that occurs in his life is the fault of some invisible power, ranging from the whole nation of Canada to the Wolf Man. To the displeasure of his closest buddy Chris, his everyday misfortunes arise from his urge to exact speedy payback on whatever allegedly caused his condition. The hilarity continues. The program was unexpectedly well-received and was regarded one of The Hub's cornerstone series, alongside My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Transformers: Prime, Family Game Night, and The Haunting Hour.

; "Few people would comprehend how being in this much agony makes some individuals feel so alive. I believe you understand, Max, and if you don't, you will on March 6th. You're about to discover what you already suspected: CM Punk is the master, and I know precisely who the fuck I am. Do you want to call me "PG Punk"? Do you want to pretend I'm not the same guy? You WANT the same man you grew up admiring?! Congratulations, Maxwell Friedman, Jacob And on March 6th, I'm going to take you for a stroll like a dog. I'm going to BEAT YOU, BEAT YOU, BEAT YOU till your own mother doesn't recognize you! I'm going to leave bits of you in that ring and portions of you all over Orlando, Florida. This is what you want, but it is also what you deserve. On March 6th, I shall transform into a monster... Because I am CM Punk... and I am superior to you!"

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