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Costume Maid Dress Transparent Png

A charming VROID dress I designed for a vintage model! Since I'm not going to use it any longer, why not share it with others? Anyone may take it and use it on their VROID models, but please give me credit! Includes: texture of the dress The texture of socks Instructions: Bring the dress texture into Onepiece (Long Sleeve). The sock texture may be found on the body texture. Please leave a comment saying "DL'd" or "Downloaded" if you download this. (Feel free to provide a link to your own design!) I'd love to see it!) Please give me credit. (This may also be linked.) You may modify the texture but not redistribute it. You may only distribute on the completed model. You may participate, but please credit me. Parts cannot be redistributed on their own; they must be part of a completely constructed model. Commercial usage is permitted. (You may use it on streams, etc., but please acknowledge me.) Simply click the download button to begin. I'M ALSO AVAILABLE FOR COMMISSIONS; PLEASE SEE THE JOURNALS BELOW. I ALSO HAVE AN ART GIVEAWAY, SO PLEASE READ THE RULES ON THE JOURNAL BELOW.

Only once you've decided on the Dirndl should you purchase the matching white blouse. Then, coordinate your outfit with a bright apron. You may have many aprons in various colors to give you a distinct appearance each time you wear it. Here's a photo of me in my newest purchase to illustrate that one outfit is not enough.

It's a little lengthy for me. It's a bit beyond my knees now that I'm 53. The zipper at the bottom is beginning to tear. The sleeves are a little short, so if you have large arms, you may need to stretch them or size up. I think I ordered the medium since I weigh 165 pounds. It fits snug, but that's what I wanted. If you want a looser fit, go higher. The threads that wrap around the sleeves ripped quickly. And the dress's collar did fit snugly around my neck. Aside from that, it was a decent buy.

Joanne Whalley from The Man Who Knew Too Much (left) and an image from a 1956 edition of Gala magazine (right).

The French Maid uniform has become little more than a Halloween or cosplay costume, yet it has its roots in nineteenth-century France. The housemaids' clothing was later sexxed up for burlesque performances, but I like to assume that was the regular working uniform for women servants in the 1800s.

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