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Classic Png Modern Sonic The Hedgehog

[] Appearance

Sonic used to look precisely like Modern Sonic when he was younger. Sonic is a round-headed anthropomorphic hedgehog with a similarly round torso. He has blue fur that covers most of his body (albeit it is a little lighter hue than Modern Sonic's), peach skin that covers his arms, muzzle, and chest, and black eyes. He features little triangular ears on top of his head, six quills on his head (shorter than Modern Sonic's), two spines projecting from his back, and a short tail.

Doctor Eggman is the primary antagonist in the video game series Sonic The Hedgehog. Naoto Ohshima created and designed the character of Dr Eggman. Doctor Eggman is a deranged scientist who aspires to dominate the globe by establishing his own Empire. He uses his robotics knowledge to create weapons and robots in order to make his vision a reality. Sonic and his allies always stop him from doing such acts when they discover them. He is Sonic and his buddies' major adversary. This section will assist you in downloading pictures of

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