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Everyone suffered throughout the epidemic. As we ease back into going back to work and simply being out, it's difficult to estimate how many days we were #SIP (Sheltering in Place), sequestered, quarantined, and confined in our homes. Was it really six months? One year? The truth is that we've all been on high alert-slowdown-lockdown for quite some time. As we remove our masks and return to the world, we'd want to thank those creative content producers (we're talking about those memes we all shared) that made us laugh and helped us get through the long months of the big unknown. We've gathered some of our favorites and done our best to give credit where credit is due. Please notify us if we made a mistake. If we missed your favorite, please email it to or tag us on social media, @localgetaways.

Maybe you're like any of the people listed above. You've been battling for years to find work, start a business, raise a family, or graduate from college. Maybe your position is so horrible that society has already written you off. It seems like nothing positive can come from you. And, since you are just human, you may be on the edge of giving up. But, before you dismiss yourself as the world's worst loser, consider Thomas Edison for a minute. He failed 1,000 times in his attempt to create the light bulb. If Thomas Edison attempted to develop the light bulb once a day, it would take him approximately three years to succeed. He didn't give up even though there was no evidence that he was making any progress. So, what could possible compel you to give up?

What should you do if your moral support is required but you lack charm or a psychology degree? Try to discover cheer-up photographs on the Internet, combine them with numerous hilarious shots of your own face, and send this bundle of pleasant feelings to the person who is down. One of the finest ways to cheer someone up is to send them a hilarious photo. It is simply explained by the many scientific studies that have investigated perception sources and methods. Experts believe that the human eye is a flawless perceptive mechanism. In other words, seeing a comical picture might instantly make you feel better since it directly affects the brain, making it feel good.

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Everyone deserves a little celebration now and again, even for little accomplishments. However, sometimes a simple congratulatory letter simply doesn't cut it, particularly when the achievement is significant, such as being promoted, having a kid, celebrating an anniversary, or arranging a wedding. You could choose to spice up your message with one of the finest memes to make the recipient feel as special as possible. These congratulatory memes should suffice. And, if the circumstance calls for it, have some of these happy birthday memes and thank you memes on hand as well.

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