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Cassie Scerbo has yet to respond publicly to Elena's Instagram videos. She did, however, share an Instagram snapshot of herself with the comment, Happy girls are the prettiest. Some fans feel Cassie is retaliating against Elena. If Gleb and Cassies' relationship develops, there may be more public discussion in the future. What are your thoughts on the whole situation? Please let us know in the comments. Follow TV Shows Ace on social media to stay up to date on similar news. We strive to provide you with up-to-date information. Keep an eye out for more!

It was a difficult year, and cyberbullying was on the increase, as were suicide rates, which are still on the rise. She went on to remark that it was a very difficult year for everyone's mental health. Bullying isn't simply other individuals spewing hatred towards others; it's also the hatred we sometimes cast on ourselves. So, we must remember the self-bully, which is perhaps why it is so essential to me. Cassie refused to acknowledge or deny her relationship with Gleb. She did, however, express her delight that he and Sharna were planning to attend the occasion.

Aside from her acting profession, Scerbo is an online college student at SNHU and a student at the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles. Scerbo's primary interest throughout high school has been environmental issues. Cassandra has always been a big fan of charity and volunteers for a variety of organizations. Padres Contra el Cancer, The Thirst Project, 18 for 18 (where Scerbo has skydived four years in a row to raise cash and awareness about sex trafficking), and numerous trips to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles are among these causes. She has indicated in previous interviews that she considers it her primary responsibility to assist make the world a better place for everyone in it. Scerbo likes spending time with her family while she is not working. She presently divides her time between her home in Los Angeles and her visits to Florida. She also likes to go hiking, cook, travel, box, play soccer, and cuddle with her dog!

See bio for further information. Cassandra Scerbo, a young, enthusiastic, and passionate actress, is swiftly rising through the ranks and establishing herself as one of Hollywood's hottest triple threats and philanthropists. Scerbo was a series regular on ABC Family's successful drama "Make It or Break It." The series follows a group of young Olympic hopefuls as they prepared and competed... 30 March 1990 in Long Island, New York, USA

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