Camp David Restaurant Santiago Dominican Republic

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The location has a magnificent view, and eating at the restaurant is a really pleasant experience due of the scenery and the cuisine. The rooms are excessively large, but they are not comfortable. The mattresses appear like children's beds, and if you are tall, your feet will be out of the bed. They seem clean but stink. The restrooms are adequate. I'm taken aback; this is not what I anticipated. My wife and I travel to a different hotel four times a year and have done so for the past nine years. The finest aspects about this resort are the amazing views of Santiago, the excellent customer service, the tranquillity, and the fact that you feel extremely protected, which is very important to me. I shall return to this location, but this time I will be prepared. Definitely, they need to make some adjustments to their rooms. The location is fine, but it does not qualify as a boutique hotel. I almost forgot to mention the balconies' walls, which are very low and make it extremely easy to collapse.

(01/29/2021) Yamin Zhuang The establishment was really high end, absolutely one of the greatest places I've ever gone to, the view from the table was spectacular, the servers were very highly educated, and the food was amazing! Even though it was one of the fanciest places in the DR, the meal was not expensive. I will definitely return, and I strongly suggest this restaurant for a wonderful date, or a special occasion...etc.

I returned to Ranch Camp David to discover that they had not only added some luxury, but also oversize rooms with private balconies facing the city of Santiago, these rooms are not as luxurious as the renovated side, but are also a great choice, if you're looking for a more modern decor, then the other side is for you, either way, you'll be delighted. The restaurant is also a terrific addition to this area; I like to eat my meals al fresco (outside), although it can be a bit chilly in the winter. This is a location to get away from it all while yet having all of the necessities. Room service is excellent since you may dine in your room or on your balcony. Excellent for couples. Continue reading

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