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Blue Yellow And White Balloon Garland

These balloons were excellent value for money! Others said they popped, but mine remained inflated throughout the day. I believe they were being exaggerated. They are little balloons used to create archways or garland. Very nice and I strongly suggest it. The only disadvantage is that they are quite difficult to blow up manually. Use an air pump if you have one, but be cautious not to inflate them up too much. Have a good time!!

This product is nothing like the image. It comes in a variety of sizes, as seen in the image. However, this is not the case. It only includes 9 ".. I work at Party City, so I burst out laughing when I read the answer to one of the queries, "Does it come with enormous balloons as pictured?" The answer was, "You can blow them up bigger or smaller if you wish." This is completely false! 9" balloons only expand to 9", not 24" " (which is the big balloon size in the picture)

This kit was fantastic! The white balloons were not used. The top balloons are not the 18 included with the kit. I needed more, so I got 36 4 pack from Amazon as well. We purchased 97-cent flower bouquets and cut off each stem to add ornamentation. Another decorator added gold butterflies, but you can also get them on Amazon. This time, I'm not sure it's a good idea to start working on balloons the day before the event. In a cool spot, I stored the inflated in garbage bags. Because our stand was shaky, we secured it to the backdrop frame. My relative said that he used 14 hand pumps to inflate the balloons (make them the same size to not destroy the aesthetics although some on the right side are wonky). -Rebecca

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