Blue Black And White Balloon Garland

2. Measure and cut the balloon chain to the desired length. Leave sufficient room at both ends of the balloon chain to attach ornaments once the wreath has been built. 3. Tie the blue, yellow, and white balloons together and thread them through the balloon chain with holes. If the balloon is too tiny, omit the little hole in the center.

The product is vacuum packaged and sent from China. When I opened the item, it stunk horribly, with an overpowering odor!!! It didn't come with any instructions, so you're basically winging it or YouTubing it. You receive a lot of lovely balloons and the tape to build this garland. It is about 100 balloons, and you can't blow them up by mouth, and using a hand pump makes my arms feel like they're going to fall off. Anyway, after about an hour, I had an eye irritation. I was afraid I was getting blind. My eyes were severely damaged by whatever chemical was on the balloon. Buyers should exercise caution. I would definitely keep children away.

What if one of my balloons is faulty?

Before I package each balloon to be mailed to you, I personally examine it from the factory. I exclusively use professional-grade balloons that are manufactured in the United States. Not all flaws are visible until a balloon is filled, however I do provide one extra balloon with each set as a backup in case anything goes wrong. If you have any problems or issues about your purchase, please contact me and I will try my best to help you.

There was no stopping me after my first balloon arch! I now make these at almost every birthday party, baby shower, or other event I organize. Here are a handful I've created this year: This Mickey Mouse Balloon Garland was my very first! For Roy's Mickey Mouse birthday celebration, I utilized a variety of red, white, and yellow balloons.

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