Blue And White Snowflake Nails

After thinking about blue nail designs all day, you will undoubtedly come up with some fantastic ideas. The issue then becomes how to combine all of them. With this style, you can show off two lovely blue nail designs at the same time. The blue is enough to connect these two seemingly unconnected sets for a playful Jekyll and Hyde aesthetic. 25. Shine a Light on Your Favorite Dodgers

Prepare your nails: First, make sure your nails are correctly prepared and your cuticles are pulled back. Remove any oils by wiping your nails with acetone. Choose your base color: Next, choose your preferred base color. You may opt for a traditional nude look, or if you want to be more daring, forest green and ice blue are hot colors this season. Make a dot: Place a dot in the middle of the nail using your dotting tool and white polish. Then, precisely above the center dot, below the center dot, and to the left and right of the center dot, put two smaller dots. Place a single dot in each of the four gaps between your dots (the diagonals). Draw on lines: Using a tiny liner brush dipped in white polish, draw thin lines across the dots to create a snowflake. Still not sure? Watch this video to learn how to apply snowflake nail art:

Get a blue and white nail design that matches your style and the situation. If you're going to a party with your friends, opt for the stunning blue stripes or the stunning blue paisley patterns. Blue leopard pattern accentuates your uniqueness. Glittering blue and white manicure patterns enhance both your nails and your individuality.

I'm completely infatuated with all things winter. It's an unpopular (and almost heretical) viewpoint, but I'd much prefer live in a continuous 50-degree temperature than have to walk outdoors on a 90-degree day. As a result, November through February are basically my freaking dream. What better way to enjoy winter than to include it into your manicure in the shape of snowflake nails? I'm talking about simple patterns, delicate shimmer, and just a smidgeon of glitter to make your fingertips seem festive but pretty—the polar opposite of your over-the-top childhood nail art. Even if winter is the misery of your life, it's not going away for a few months, so why not join in on the fun with one of these adorable snowflake manicure designs? I'm prejudiced, but I believe you should start capturing these thoughts right now and appreciate the snow and cold. While I crawl around in a heap of sweaters, bb.

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