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Black And White Surrealism Photography

Surreal photography does not necessarily startle people with unrealistic, strange pictures. Photographers often choose to wow their audience with unexpected reasons. Frieke Janssen, for example, displayed surrealistic pictures of smoking toddlers. Such images sparked a lot of debate and varied reactions. The youngsters in her photographs are dressed in historical clothing and clutching cigarettes, prompting viewers to reflect and share their thoughts.

Greek photographer George Digalakis's picture-perfect portfolio is both grounded in nature and slightly strange. His images have a distinct stillness and a deep sorrow about them. They encourage viewers to get immersed in the situation and delve into their slumbering subconscious. He portrays nature's subtle beauty efficiently and elegantly, with a love for landscapes and a predisposition for simplicity. The artist's extraordinary ability to convert commonplace settings and surroundings into somber masterpieces is evident in his exquisitely dreamy photos of lone trees, hazy vistas, and desolate houses. Digalakis often employs the presence of natural elements (such as water) to enhance the inherent attraction of these locations. Water, an element he adores, may be found in most of his paintings, although never as the dominant motif, according to his profile. Rather, he used the ocean and sky as a canvas for his subjects.

More of Osvald's work may be seen on Flickr and Instagram.

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Many of the photographs seem to be multiple exposures, and although the technique has been utilized before, it is evident that Grav has a talent for merging nature in the form of stars, clouds, trees, and waves with portraiture to create thought-provoking compositions.

Here is a selection of work-appropriate images from her portfolio. If you opt to look at more of her photos on Flickr, take in mind that some of them are a little more risqué:

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