Black And White Plaid Dog Pajamas

I did stitch a jersey knit fabric into the leg to shield the incision from gnawing, however it is a loose panel since air flow is required. The pattern is gorgeous, the colors are exactly as shown in the description, and the fabric will be quite soft after washing. It's a cotton knit with a little elasticity, but it's not fleece, so you don't have to worry about the fur baby being too hot in the middle of the night. It fits loosely around the torso and has a loose fit on the front and rear legs to allow for mobility and flexibility.

Dogs in dirndl dresses

Doggydolly dog fashion dirndls are a must-have for a vacation to Oktoberfest or a trip to Bavaria! Dog fancy dress is often a wonderful eye-catcher at other celebrations or parties. We offer a big selection of dirndls and classic leather dog pants.

7lbs Schipperke X is much too little. I like the charming tiny butt flap and would purchase one size larger if the quality was better... There is fuzz everywhere, and it is so thin that you can see through it. It's not particularly soft or fluffy, two seams split up before I even took it out of the package, one button on the butt flap is dangling, and the yellow discoloration is hideous. I'm not sure what happened to the yellowish exterior fabric since the white interior lining (not seen in images for some reason) is dazzling white. I assume some customers received a different batch/fabric Wag-a-tude isn't worth the money and we stick with the Frisco PJs, which are fantastic!

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