Betty White And Xxxtentacion

Both The Decemberists and Scotty McCreery had their debut frames boosted by sales from a concert ticket/album sale redemption deal, but on a far lesser scale than Metallica's Hardwired To Self-Destruct campaign. Post Malones Stoney, which comes in at No. 10 with 30,000 copies, rounds out the top 10. (down 7 percent).

Bankrupt, known for his enormous portraits of luminaries such as Biggie Smalls and Muhammad Ali, made a unique painting after XXX's death that ultimately attracted Bernard's attention. After learning about the humanitarian work of the XXX Foundation, the artist gave Bernard the artwork and chose to make a new one to be raffled off, all in honour of her son's life and music. In a news release, the artist said, "I'm constantly searching for ways to utilize my work to have a good influence or to give back in some manner." When Cleo and I first met when delivering her son's memorial art work, we both agreed on the importance of giving back and assisting those in need.

X was also charged with witness tampering on various occasions after prosecutors said he bullied Geneva into not testifying against him. Those accusations are also anticipated to be dismissed. As previously reported, despite the abuse charges, Ayala was horrified by XXXTentacion's death, stating, "Who expects me to be relieved or happy? No, I'm shattered."

According to Bob Celestin, a senior industry lawyer who met XXXTentacion in 2016, the rapper was determined to control his songs. Rather than a standard record contract, he chose Empire's one-album arrangement, which offered a lesser upfront payment but still granted him ownership of his songs. He also got a better royalty rate. After his debut album, 17, was released in August 2017 and reached No. 2 on Billboard, XXXTentacion inked a one-album contract with one of UMG's labels for $6 million.

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