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Dani blows their way into the area to murder Benitez with the aid of a pair of turrets. The game slows down to show that Benitez is holding a captive. How did she end up with a hostage? Did Benitez pick them up on her route to the tower after declaring that she intended to kill them all? But if she was able to hold someone captive on her way to the tower, that would imply that La Moral had entered that area of the facility, therefore shouldn't they have guarded her destination? Something doesn't fit up in Benitez's closing moments, but at least one of Anton Castillos senior military commanders died. The Grand Hotel Caballero was bombed four times.

As you approach the gate, a cinematic will play, revealing how excellent those documents are.

Following the road as it twists around, drive to the end to reach Bembe's storage container, prompting another cutscene and putting Paulo's debt and the Operation to a close.

One clue is in his room, while the other is outdoors behind his home. 2 Enlarge Look for Lezcano Rodeo and Auction. Rodeo and auction at Lezcano. Go to the center of the area and kill all the bulls before entering; else, they will attack you. Read the message from the marker. 3 Look for the Sol de Pina Processing Facility 4 Click to enlarge Look into the Situation 5 Go to Bicho.

Funding a resistance may be costly, but selling a medicine that has been tested on your own people seems like a red line. Danis has found and stolen a large number of caches near Yara, either via information provided by other guerrillas or by bribing FND personnel. What precisely is Juan funding with the money? Far Cry 6's end credit sequence stated that, despite Libertad's victory, Juan is still selling Viviro to an unknown bidder. So, if the money wasn't all for Libertad, what is Juan up to? 5 How Could Diego Have Missed The Grenade In Danis' Cell?

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- These missions provide the player materials to help them improve their weaponry. Military Targets - These provide the player opportunities to disrupt the Castillo dictatorship, gaining Libertad Rank points and Depleted Uranium that may be utilized to create new Resolvers and Supremos. - These provide the player means to destabilize the Castillo dictatorship, gaining Libertad Rank points and Depleted Uranium that may be used to create new Resolvers and Supremos. Insurgencies - These are unlocked after finishing Far Cry 6's main plot. During the insurgency, the remnants of the FND retook one or two provinces. Dani Rojas is in charge of getting rid of them. Insurgency will commence in the next weeks.

To help fund Libertad, Dani Rojas offers to assist Juan Cortez in delivering supplies of Viviro to selected drop spots. Unfortunately, Raul Sanchez, Anton Castillos' senior commander, kidnaps Dani. General Sanchez tortures Dani for information on Libertad, but when he fails, Anton orders him to execute Dani. Diego murders Sanchez and begs his father to spare Dani, which Anton agrees to but throws a bomb back into Dani's cage as they walk away. It's reasonable to suppose that Diego heard the explosion and that the game just didn't depict his response, but how is this not brought up again? Diego obviously sees the atrocities imposed on the people of Yara, yet Antons, his father, still supports him in certain ways. It's remarkable that Diego has so much confidence and trust in his father, given that the game started with the little child attempting to flee on the boat. Knowing that Anton attempted to murder Dani despite Diego's request should have persuaded Diego that his father is not to be trusted, even by his own son.

The third phase of this Far Cry 5 boss encounter is much the same as the second, but there are a few extra foes and phony Faiths to deal with. Repeat our strategy above until you've mastered your meeting with Faith Seed in Far Cry 5. If you run out of ammunition, make a beeline for the rocks in the middle of the arena at the conclusion of each phase. Medkits, ammunition, and useful weaponry will always spawn here, so make use of them.

Faith often appears as a hallucination to torment the Deputy, generating illusions of herself, captives, and even switching gentle animals with more violent ones whenever the Deputy approaches.

The Deputy returns to The Bliss and encounters Faith, who brings them to a sermon with other cultists and Marshal Burke listening to Joseph. He tries to persuade them by tricking The Bliss into revealing his vision of the collapse, which is a gigantic explosion followed by a globe on fire. The Deputy is only awakened by Tracey and Whitehorse, who use a syringe to force their way out of The Bliss.

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Diego is possibly the most heartbreaking character in Far Cry 6, not because of his losses, but because of his confinement. Throughout Far Cry 6, Diego shows revulsion, dread, anger, and grief for his father, but the awful fact of Yara is that not everyone, even the most innocent, can be redeemed. Despite Diego's good intentions, Anton repeatedly attempted to persuade him to become a "lion" and carry on a terrible heritage he didn't desire. While Dani's decision to leave Yara in Anton's control secures Diego's survival, there is no way to prevent him from becoming corrupted by his father's teachings. Following that, all Far Cry 6 animal companions are ranked from worst to best.

After locating Espana and accompanying her to the Montero base of operations, Dani Rojas's father and commander, Carlos, is skeptical. Carlos regards to Dani as a tourist and does not feel she is as committed to the struggle against Anton Castillo as the rest of them. Carlos doesn't warm up until Dani helps him bring Alejandro back to camp. RELATED: Ubisoft's Top Villains of All Time

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Enter the terminal and make your way upstairs to discover Bembe in a room. The room key is on the counter in front of it. Go inside and speak with Bembe. You must now look for Paolo in three resorts on Barrial's eastern shore. He may be located in the center resort, La Ballenada Resort, in a room near the bar in the rear.

First and foremost, gamers will need a horse to ride. Fortunately, horses in Far Cry 6 are a regular sight, whether ridden by attackers, friends, or any of the other NPCs who populate the island of Yara. However, as bizarre as it may seem, the simplest solution is to just produce one from a kiosk. Horses have their own ride spawn menus where the user may modify them. They are available all around the globe or at specific camps, and there are some unique alternatives to select from. Montero Farm provides one for people searching for something simple. Executing the Assassination

When Dani first meets Bembe, they joke about killing him right then and then. Despite killing dozens of FND troops, the smuggler assures Dani that they are not a murderer. But what is the difference between the individuals Dani is murdering in the vicinity of Yara and Bembe? Bembe and Maximas Matanzas clearly had a strained relationship, and even after Bicho's mental crisis was handled, Dani didn't seem overjoyed to see that Bembe was still alive. Why the hesitancy if Bembe is such a problem (he is). Because a Bembe will always exist? This is insufficient. 6 What was Juan's motivation for selling Viviro to the Yanquis?

The key to the safe room is in the center building, but if you don't mind a few crocs and a brief swim in the swamp, you don't need it.

USE THE KEY TO OPEN THE SAFE: If you wish to (try to) dodge the crocs, the key is on a desk in the center building, which is accessible through the stairs adjacent to the panther cages.

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