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Someone who is obsessed with bananas and banana-shaped items. Can often be spotted cheering along to Bring It On. Has crept up behind an unsuspecting banana on several occasions and tried to gulp it without permission. BGs are often seen drooling and muttering when they go through the fruit section. They don't mind sipping cucumbers and can eat hotdogs like nobody's business. When a banana guzzler catches its victim, it normally keeps it in its rear pocket for safekeeping until it is ready to guzzle.

In the United Kingdom and Japan, the eggplant emoji is also known as the aubergine emoji. While it may technically relate to a culinary item (possibly eggplant parmesan? ), it is most often used online to signify a penis. This is owing, in part, to other emoji depictions of lengthy items associated with penises (such as the banana or cucumber) seeming less like penises. The eggplant emoji is commonly used in conjunction with other emoji. It denotes oral sex when combined with the mouth emoji. It symbolizes anal or vaginal sex when combined with the peach emoji (a butt or female genitalia). It signifies ejaculation when placed next to the sweat drops emoji. That is how you sext.

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