Ban Seven Deadly Sins Pfp

vampire clan are sentenced for execution, but Zeldris seals them instead. When freed, Gelda does help Zeldris escape from his father's influence, and not much is seen of them afterwards.

After leaving the Boar Hat, Ban wore a dark red long coat. The long coat has a wide, open collar which exposes a large amount of his chest and has a brown belt with a silver buckle. The bottom half of the long coat flares out and has pockets. He is shown wearing his old red leather pants with metal studs sewn into the forearms of the coat alongside shoes of a similar, yet darker color. In Purgatory, Ban wears a long-sleeved red jacket with a leopard-like pattern design, made with the skin of the local species; it has a high collar that slopes backward, and the jacket is wide open reaching up to his pectoral muscles, exposing his upper-body. His pants are yellowish-green and feature black blotches on the right side.

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