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Austin Mcbroom Fight Reddit

I believe it is now Gib's turn to compete in the main event. Because of the size disparity, I believe Gib versus Austin is a more fair match than KSI just stepping in and knocking him out with one punch. I'd still pick Gib to win, and whether it's on Social Gloves 2 or DAZN, it should be a 6x3 minute round pro bout with 10 Oz gloves, and kept at a catchweight given Gib weighed in at 179 in his previous fight, and Austin at 172.5. Austin is taller than Gib, but not as tall as Tayler. According to the Tale of the Tape, Austin has a shorter reach than Gib, which is intriguing. Austin, in my perspective, strikes harder and more precisely than Gib, and Austin seems to have enough endurance against an easy opponent, Bryce Hall. I anticipate Gib will take Austin apart with body blows, alternating between head shots and continual pressure. Because to the tiny gloves they'd most likely be using, Gib may even earn a TKO/KO.

The press conference for Social Gloves: Battle of the Platform will commence about 4:30 p.m. Many Internet celebrities, like Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall, will be in attendance. Here's a look at the fight between Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall. The concert will be held on June 12 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

Manipulation: Pay special attention to how Austin behaves in their films. The way he stares at Catherine while she speaks may seem kind on the surface. In actuality, he is watching her to see whether she is saying the proper thing to the camera and audience. He's constantly inches away from her face, staring at her with such intensity that she can see him proctoring her words and thoughts in her peripheral vision. They've made a couple mistakes in their editing of footage, leaving harsh parts out. The most popular was the one in the bathroom when she mistakenly left an edit in of him shouting at her. In a subsequent video, they addressed it, and she explained how she neglected to clip it out, as well as debunking claims that he is violent to her. This was her finest example of advocating for him and accepting responsibility. She has the freedom to say anything she wants to Austin and their followers. She purposefully left it in, and she knows it. But she will never acknowledge it.

Stop and desist

The major reason for the injunction, according to TikTok's parent company Byte Dance, was the usage of the TikTok name and brand. The email with the order to the event organizers noted that using them erroneously represented that the corporation is pushing anything aggressive and dangerous in the middle of the epidemic.

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