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Zeref Dragneel X Mavis

Mavis' appearance is unknown, except from the knowledge that she, like her father, has pink hair. This is how he won the right to name her, since once Liddan was born, they agreed to name the child based on the color of his or her hair. Natsu called Mavis after the first guild leader of Fairy Tail since she was born with a tuft of pink hair on her head. [] Personality

Identical and diametrically opposed

Mavis and Zeref's relationship is one of duality: light and dark, life and death, love and hatred. Their plights as immortals, carrying the horrible curse of Ankhselam and their love of family are similar. Their immortal existence, however, took them in separate ways.

The shipping package it arrived in was wonderful; it was even bubble wrapped. As you can see in the photographs, the box is very damaged, even on the interior plastic. If you want to be extremely fussy, one of the eyes is a little smeared, but to be honest, I don't mind. Personally, I keep my funkos in the box and stack them together, however owing to the extent of the damage, the box cannot even be stacked. If you don't care about the box, it may be alright for you; but, if you do, you have been warned.

Lullaby (Rarabai): A flute capable of transforming into a massive Demon. Anyone who hears Lullaby's song (other than the caster) will perish. Erigor wanted to use this to assassinate the Guild Masters at their conference. Lullaby changed into its Demon form to feast on souls when Kageyama failed to complete the job. Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, and Erza Scarlet, on the other hand, were able to vanquish the Demon flute. It is presently in the hands of the Magic Council. [115] Etherious Natsu Dragneel (teriasu Natsu Doraguniru): The strongest of his Demons, said to be capable of killing the immortal Zeref.

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