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Whitty In Fnf

Vs Whitty is a well-known FNF Mod based on the Friday Night Funkin game. Because this VS Whitty FNF Mod is a little difficult, you can play it on Easy mode. You must defeat your opponent Whitty in the Friday Night Funkin game in this VS Whitty FNF Mod. How Do You Play?

Due to incidents involving Sky's creation of inappropriate artwork and the immaturity of her creator, 12 year old bfswifeforever, the mod has been permanently removed from GameBanana and her wiki page wiped, as requested by mod creator bbpanzu.

SARV, how old is he?

FNF Corruption VS WHITTY DAY 3 (+ Deadly Ballistic Instrumental) is the name of the file.

9.5 MB 192 Kbps 06:55 Ending Number One... Is it really a month since Day 2? Wow, that took longer than I expected- Anyway, the mod isn't finished yet, but I intend to release it once it is:] Deadly Ballistic (by me): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjeaqITi__ Phantom Fear (Corruption AU Creator): youtube.com/c/PhantomFearYT - Nate Anim8, Sock.clip, and KadeDev (Original Whitty Mod Creators) Renx The Hedgehog (Musics, BF & GF Remake Sprites - Whitty Sprites...

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