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Tsukiyama Tokyo Ghoul Characters

14 Hikari Kirishima's Death Leaves a Permanent Mark on Her Brother Hikari Kirishima is Touka and Ayato's mother. She remains a mystery until the series' conclusion, when her cruel fate is revealed by her brother, Renji Yomo. Hikari's parents died at a young age, and she was given the responsibility of caring for Renji.

Little is known about his personality, but he appears to have been a man who enjoyed traveling the world and being in the company of beautiful women. Mirumo describes him as a shameless playboy, while Shuu describes him as a great man with keen business sense. The plot []

5 The Tsukiyama Family Was Interested In ArtThe Tsukiyama family was interested in art, language, and literature. According to Shu Tsukiyama's upbringing and known hobbies, the family encouraged each other to be multilingual and well-versed in literature, music, and art. Shu, in particular, enjoyed playing the piano and reading books. Along with art, Shu was well-trained to be a powerful ghoul.

Kazuichi Banjou was a ghoul who harbored romantic feelings for Rize, but his feelings were unrequited. He stormed into Antiku, the cafe where Kaneki and many of the other characters worked. While there, he caught a whiff of Rize's scent on Kaneki, prompting him to attempt to assault Kaneki out of misplaced jealousy. He also led other members of the Aogiri Tree organization to the cafe, which resulted in Kaneki's kidnapping and torture. Banjou, despite his ties to the Aogiri Tree, was not a bad guy. He was an idiot who succumbed to the Aogiri Tree's coercion, but while there, he worked to free Kaneki from them and soon left the organization.

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