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Ssbu World Of Light Fanart

While it was not our primary criterion, we did look at statistical data on characters' win rates and tournament results in offline competitions. We examined this data carefully and compared it to our own findings because it can be viewed as somewhat objective evidence of a character's power. Related Guides for Smash Ultimate

*We are heroes in a heroic world.

We were all once heroes who came from and passed through Elysium to arrive in the real world. We're all heroes here, except for the fact that we're dealing with everyday problems. Everyone has an inner conflict, as well as their own set of problems and obstacles to overcome. We were all born in the same town. But you have no idea how far the apple has fallen from the tree. Your true self can be found somewhere within you. Reclaim your true potential.

The Spirits return to their respective worlds.

While being attacked by Galeem and Dharkon and defeating more puppets, the fighters ascend the long stairwell. They then fight all six bosses once more. The two deity-like beings continue to fight each other before shifting their focus to the fighters in a three-way climactic battle. Even in the face of a common foe, the two deities continue to wage war on one another. When both Galeem and Dharkon are defeated, their armies vanish as they fall into the ocean and explode, eradicating their influence from the universe. The spirits are now free to return to their original worlds. The imagery in this final scene strongly resembles the lyrics to the main theme. The credits will then begin to play.

To gain access to the Temple of Light, you must activate the Pink, Green, and Blue Switches scattered throughout the map. Please refer to the Red Arrows we mentioned above to find out where the switches are. There are no puzzles in this map; you simply need to clear every spirit to progress. But, because this is a spirit, don't forget about the treasure chest on the second level.

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