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Spirit Wolf With Wings

Morrighan, the Celtic deity, is frequently depicted as a wolf in Ulster cycle myths. The relationship with the wolf, as well as the cow, shows that she may have been associated with fertility and land in certain locations. Prior to becoming a warrior goddess, she was associated with sovereignty and royalty. Cailleach, the Scottish goddess, is often tied with wolf legend. She is an ancient lady who dominates the dark half of the year and brings disaster and winter with her. She is seen riding a fast wolf and wielding a hammer or a wand made of human flesh. According to the Carmina Gadelica, in addition to her duty as destruction, she is also portrayed as a protector of wild creatures, such as the wolf itself.

MARCHOSIAS. Marchosias is the thirty-fifth Spirit. He is a Great and Mighty Marquis, initially emerging as a Wolf with Gryphon Wings and a Serpent Tail, and spewing Fire from his mouth. But after a while, at the order of the Exorcist, he assumes the form of a man. And he's a formidable fighter. He belonged to the Order of Dominations. He rules over 30 Legions of Spirits. He informed his Chief, Solomon, that he hoped to return to the Seventh Throne after 1,200 years. And this is his Seal, to be created and worn as a Lamen, and so forth. In one poorly written seventeenth-century Codex, it may be read as Ox instead of Wolf. TRANS. [He always seemed to me as if he were an ox, disoriented. -ED.] Johann Weyer wrote the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum (1583). (Johann Wier)

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Many people believe that wolves are aggressive, dangerous creatures who attack without provocation. That couldn't be further from the truth. Wolves, in fact, go out of their way to avoid confrontations. They will, however, maintain their ground if they want to be heard, or if they wish to fend off or dissuade an aggressor.

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