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K) Muse A is doing their best to entertain their child while waiting in line at a bakery for a winter-themed birthday cake. The little one escapes Muse A's grasp and runs up to Muse B ahead of them in line to ask if they want to come to their party. Muse B, to Muse's surprise, says they're available.

I understand. Everyone despises rules, but they are necessary. First and foremost, "YOU CAN TAG ME!!!!! you don't have to ask." Please keep in mind that this rp can be both anime and based on real-life people. 1. I'd appreciate it if you could write more than one sentence. I would allow it at times because everyone, including myself, has moments when they are unsure what to write. But please give it a shot. Please keep in mind that if you do it frequently, I will do the same, or I will not respond at all. 2. Make an effort to be descriptive. He used a poor example: "that's nice," he said. Or

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