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Gina, number eight out of ten, is a good girl. Gina is the girlfriend everyone wants: she's gorgeous, cool, and cool with a little kink. Emma Kathrine, a Danish model, is the person behind the meme. She posed for this image for a photographer, who then sold it as a stock image. In 2011, a Redditor used the image to create the Good Girl Gina meme, and Kathrine quickly became famous on the internet. Kathrine is currently a model and lifestyle blogger. 9 out of 10 Bad Luck CC BY 2.0 (Brian LL/flickr.com) The Bad Luck Brian meme first appeared in 2012, and it depicts a dorky-looking blond man with a caption about something disappointing or tragic that has happened to him. Brian's friend shared the image on Reddit because he thought the high school portrait was too amusing not to share. The real Brian maintains a Facebook fan page and a YouTube channel in order to capitalize on his meme moniker.

I don't think any girls would do it for the money, insists Kate, a 25-year-old fashion designer who has submitted a video and previously had a bad experience with a boyfriend revealing intimate pictures of her to his friends.

Maybe if they were paying thousands of dollars, but 120 dollars isn't that much, is it? I believe girls want to participate because they want to share a sexual experience that is safe, supportive, and, most importantly, values consent.

Ingraham described Pelosis' reaction to burn pits as "bolting up out of her seat like she's sitting on itching powder."

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Screenshot: KnowYourMeme.com, "It's Over For You B****es/H*es" Teens and millennials are using Twitter to threaten their adversaries, but only after they've gotten their lives in order. "It's over for you b****es/h*es," has become the go-to threat after listing all of the difficulties that any typical young person is currently facing. 20 of 20 Chum Bucket vs. Krusty Krab Comparison Twitter.com (screenshot) We began with a SpongeBob meme and will end with the most recent one, and all you need to know about it is that the Krusty Krab restaurant is far superior to the Chum Bucket, but the Chum Bucket is attempting to steal the spotlight from the Krusty Krab. People have been inspired by the meme to make comparisons between good and pure things (represented by the Krusty Krab) and mediocre things that are attempting to be just as good and pure but are clearly not (represented by the Chum Bucket).

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