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Quanxi calmly requests that Power release her captive, indicating that she does not want to fight her. Beam arrives from nowhere and knocks the monster off of Denji, enabling them both to flee. Hirofumi rises up and demands a rematch before Quanxi can follow them. They trade punches, with Quanxi having the upper hand at first, but Hirofumi is able to strike a strong kick on her face, injuring her. [17] After some more combat, Quanxi pulls up Hirofumi and tosses him through a window, yet he rescues himself by utilizing the Octopus Devil. She returns her gaze to Aki, the Angel Devil, Tamaoki, and Kusakabe, who have all recovered, and asks whether they want to battle next. [8] Everything turns black all of a sudden, as a gigantic hand reaches down from the sky, sending everyone within the mall to Hell. [18]

Her name is derived from Powers, an angel in the Christian angelic hierarchy who, along with Dominions and Virtue, belongs to the middle order. Dominion (Dominion) and Virtue (Vuche) are also Chainsaw Man's disciples, as are Beam and Seraphim (Serafimu), who are angels from the highest rank of Christian angelic hierarchy, along with Thrones. Fujimoto claimed in an interview for Jump Festa 2021 that Power's demeanor was influenced by Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski. [32] Fujimoto also said in another interview, given in early 2020 for the French magazine ATOM, that Power's persona was based on Eric Cartman from the American TV cartoon series South Park. [33]

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