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Mami Death Madoka

Homura is constantly attempting to Set Right What Once Went Wrong in order to save her friends from Kyubey and Walpurgisnacht, but she has failed every time so far. In the majority of these timelines, they all die in front of her eyes. In the third timeline, not only does Sayaka become a witch and die, but Mami completely cracks and kills Kyoko by shooting her Soul Gem off, unable to deal with the fact that they'll both become witches sooner or later... and Madoka has to shoot HER to keep her from killing Homura. Then, not only do she and Homura fail to stop Walpurgisnacht without horribly corrupting their Soul Gems, but she uses the last of her strength in a Heroic Sacrifice to drain the darkness from Homura's Soul Gem and requests a Mercy Kill before turning into a witch. Homura makes a heartbreaking sound before shooting her best friend to death.

Boomstick: It can transform into a variety of shapes, but I'd like to focus on its cannon shape! It can blow up entire cities, destroy a portion of the moon, and fire miniature black holes as a cannon! Wiz: Its feather-like extensions also serve as shields, and it cannot be lost because it is a part of Vash's very essence. It does, however, have a nasty side effect: it drains Vash's energy so much that if he uses it too much, it will kill him.

Tomoe Mami Characteristics Age 15-16 Gender Female with Yellow Eyes and Yellow Hair Location of Residence Mitakihara's First Appearance: As If We Met in a Dream... Percussion-lock Weapon Muskets with Rifles Yellow is the theme color. Kaori Mizuhashi is a Japanese voice actor, and Carrie Keranen is an English voice actress. Mami Tomoe is a magical girl who, in episode one, saves Madoka and Sayaka from a witch. She is already under contract with Kyubey and offers to serve as a mentor to the pair if they decide to become magical girls. She is both a strong veteran who fights with summoned muskets and ribbons and a ladylike older sister figure who enjoys tea. Mami, eager to make new friends, demonstrates the glory and heady thrill of magical heroism, but also demonstrates to Madoka and Sayaka the terrible danger inherent in entering a witch's domain.

Throughout the series, Madoka Magica makes extensive use of runes, which have all been translated thanks to intense fan effort. Many of them are direct quotes from Goethe's "Faust," including the first labyrinth Madoka and Sayaka stumble into, as well as the majority of the witches therein. Furthermore, the very first shot of the entire series reads in runes as "Prolog im Himmel," which is the exact title of Faust's prologue. With so many similarities between the two, fans have speculated on who from Madoka would play each character in Faust.

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