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Little Cutie Baby Shower Cake Ideas

This three-tiered airy design has a distinct appearance. The flattened images will allow for easier serving, and the air theme is well represented by the images. A small, happy boy sits atop it, holding a balloon. There's also a nice spot for the baby's name. This cake is so cheerful and a breath of fresh air! Minnie Mouse Baby Girl Cake No. 29

One of the best diaper cake ideas on this site! Are you a big fan of the nutty fruity cakes? Then make one out of diapers, which will undoubtedly be the most adorable thing at the baby shower. Get inspired by the provided sample, which is also super simple and quick to make. An empty paper towel roll, markers, invisible tape, 59 diapers, rubber bands, string, hot glue, a 14-part platter, and scrapbook paper in pink, yellow, green, and orange are required. One of the best homemade diaper cakes I've ever made. The most meaningful and thoughtful baby shower gift you can make. Diaper Cake Baby Shower Gift sprinklesomefun6

@shirleysweetcreations 8 Buck And Baby Deer This buck and baby deer cake has a whimsical and lovely feel to it. The golden forest motif deviates significantly from traditional baby shower cakes, making it a one-of-a-kind option. @justoneslice_ 9 Countdown Baby Shower Cake The countdown to a baby's arrival is something that not only the parents of a new baby keep track of, but the entire family. This lovely bear cake embodies that, with a small clock and date to indicate when the new arrival will arrive.

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