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Kotoamatsukami Shisui Uchiha Gif

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I mean, I like Shisui as a character, and his decision to persuade Fugaku not to attack the village was astute and superior to anything Danzo and The Elders could have devised. He was only going to do it on Fugaku, though. Would it have actually worked? If I recall correctly from the filler/flashback episodes, Fugaku told Itachi that he was planning a coup because the Uchiha clan wanted and pressured him to start one. So, if that happened, wouldn't some Uchiha be satisfied and launch a coup against the village? Why couldn't Shisui simply do it on the majority of the Uchiha clan? Why couldn't he use Kotoamatsukami on the rest of those who blamed and suspected the Uchiha clan (who lived and protected the Leaf) for the nine tails attack? It was not their fault in the least. Obito did it for his own reasons, despite the fact that he was thought to be dead, was subjected to Carry Madara's brainwashing, and didn't care about his clan in any way, good or bad. Please let me know what you think of everything.

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