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Kaneki Dragon Manga

1. This is a really enjoyable round. The lack of kagune may make things more difficult, especially in terms of defense, but Kaneki is a fairly smart fighter even at this point and will use weapons from the environment to his advantage. Based on how he avoided the Bin Brothers, I could see him avoiding Eren and landing a counter hit for the win. Eren's tenacity, on the other hand, necessitates caution until an actual KO. 2. Eren may take this one, but I'm not sure. Ken, despite being much faster and more skilled at this point, lacked any real range with his kagune and his manoeuvrability had yet to be demonstrated to be at a level where he could easily make it to the nape. He could go for legs to knock Eren to the ground, which I believe he would do, but it's a risky strategy at close range.

Seiyuu, Tokyo Ghoul:re Potrayal Natsuki Hanae is an English VA. Tindle, Austin "I'm not the main character in a novel or anything. I'm just a college student who enjoys reading, which you can find anywhere. But... if you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would almost certainly be... a tragedy." Kaneki, Ken

Kaneki appears to have a high level of superhuman strength due to Kaneki's ability to lift heavy objects. And survive if you fall through a rock or a hard concrete wall. Superhuman Speed: Kaneki has developed superhuman speed. Because of his speed, he can blitz through large groups of opponents in a short period of time. Few people have been able to compete with and surpass his speed, and those who have done so are usually half-human and half-ghoul hybrids like Furuta, Arima, Takizawa, and Eto. Because of his speed, he can blitz through large groups of opponents in a short period of time. Few people have ever matched or surpassed his speed, and those who have are usually half-human/half-ghoul hybrids like Furuta, Arima, Takizawa, and Eto. High-Level Pain Immunity: Since his transformation into a ghoul, Kaneki has developed a strong resistance to pain. While he can still be injured, he has suffered fatal injuries such as having his limbs severed, his eyes completely stabbed out, and more.

This is due in part to having a far superior rc count and kagune to another character whose kagune could destroy a fairly large building with a single punch. Eto, another ghoul he is superior to, destroyed a ghoul crusher that weighed in the thousands of tons. Kaneki is also likely to be much faster than anyone else in snk due to a chain of scaling from supersonic speed, and he appears to be able to fly. And launch projectiles. Take it how you want.

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