Itachis Anbu Maske

Scrolls Required to Unlock Itachi's Anbu Blade SS (Superior) Stats: Attack Power (5): 3 Class: Heal (5) Range: 4 3 for speed. (5) Hit Rate: 3 "Itachi Uchiha became a Chunin at the age of ten, and by the age of thirteen, he was the leader of the Anbu in Hidden Leaf Village. The design of this weapon is based on his favorite blade while working for the Anbu."

Roblox Itachi Anbu Mask Choose from a variety of models, decals, meshes, plugins, and audio to help bring your imagination to life. To use the itachi anbu mask, follow the instructions or consult a professional. Masashi Kishimoto had not prepared the character's backstory when Itachi Uchiha is first mentioned by Sasuke Uchiha in the manga. The basic strategy he had was to perform some violent action against Itachi, which would include Sasuke hunting him down and destroying him. However, once Itachi was revealed, Kishimoto had the idea to create Itachi Konoha's top secret consultant who killed his clan in defiance of their orders. Itachi was initially conceived as the leader of Konoha's One-of-a-Kind Assassination and Tactical Squad known as the "Anbu," dubbed the Itachi Squad (, Itachi-tai), which was a 70-man community divided into four groups specializing in assassination and other illegal functions. Nonetheless, this strategy was abandoned in favor of the most recent Itachi working for the Akatsuki. Itachi is Kishimoto's favorite of all the Akatsuki characters he created, owing to his backstory.

Hideo Ishikawa, Itachi's Eastern voice actor, was always arguing with Noriaki Sugiyama, Sasuke's Japanese voice actor, about their characters. When the two figures first met, either Ishikawa or Sugiyama found Itachi's massacre of the Uchiha clan difficult to accept and began reading the Naruto manga in order to discover if Itachi was hiding something. Following Itachi's death, the two actors stated that in the end, Itachi served as an excellent more mature brother to Sasuke. Regardless of how many times he revisited the collection, English actor Crispin Freeman was pleased with his performance as Itachi. He joined Akatsuki, where he frequently clashes with Konoha and its ninja, including Sasuke, who seeks to avenge their family's death.

Kitsune Mask / Anbu Itachi Naruto Cosplay Mask

Character History: Anbu are chosen by their Kage from their village's standard shinobi forces for their unique abilities and special skills. Age, background, gender, or previous rank have no bearing on this decision; however, Konoha shinobi are not chosen as Anbu unless they are at least 13 years old, with an 11-year-old Itachi Uchiha being a rare exception due to his tremendous talent and vital role in a political struggle. [1] Anbu conceals their identity on the job by wearing masks and using code names, with only their Kage being aware. They usually work in teams that are formed based on the mission's requirements. The Anbu appear to have no true ranks; team leadership and hierarchy appear to be based on merit and experience. Squad leaders (, Buntaich) are the leaders of the teams, and they are held in high regard.

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