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Human Molly Angel Dust Hazbin Hotel

Unfortunately, this is when Katie learns that Angel Dust is now participating in the newest turf battle against Sir Pentious, demonstrating that he has relapsed, not only seeming to contradict Charlie's claim but also embarrassing her in public. Later in the episode, Vaggie chastises Angel Dust for possibly damaging the whole endeavor, Angel Dust first seems apathetic and having second thoughts. Later, he and the rest of the hotel personnel battle and beat Sir Pentious, who assaults the hotel in retaliation.

When Vaggie demands that they remove the freshly established bar in the lobby, Angel confronts her and argues that they will retain it; he then swiftly starts flirting with the newly hired bartender, Husk, who advises him to "go fuck himself."

Angel responds that he will only do it if Husk watches him, which frustrates Husk.

Notes are a spoiler. So the plot is very straightforward. The Knight was brought to the human world by mistake as a result of a young lady toying with an esoteric book, but he befriends her and establishes a rather peaceful existence with her and her family. However, the woman's mother had enraged the wrong people, who had hired I.M.P to murder them. The woman commits herself after discovering her mother and father had been murdered. Disgusted and horrified by their murder, the Knight examines the crime site and discovers traces and proof of I.M.P. Security film reveals little glimpses of three red humanoids, and the mother's journal describes her being chased by three creatures. He finally realizes that I.M.P are demons who were summoned in the same way that Nightmare Grimm and his band were.

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