Holy Water Meme Haikyuu

Asahi is the game's lovely high-strung steel type, with nerves to match. gets very nervous before a match, and despite the fact that he does very well and is very strong, he becomes more motivated as the match progresses (and holy crap if this guy had a legendary pokemon itd be regigigas or something because of the slow start ability RESONATING from this guy). Nishinoya, who frequently complains about Asahis nervous demeanor, pays frequent visits. Also, I'd like to see a point where they have to fight the game's opposing team and team up to defeat them, because who doesn't want a sprinkle of asanoya in their life?

aye,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Diss literally anything Haikyuu-related (jkjk,, I suffered to see these and now you do too-) 'We love Jesus, we love Jesus, we only simp for God 3'... No, that's stupid- I sound like a gachatuber - u u h there's only like two photos,, y'all should be fine, right? riight ALSO, I have no ill will toward any of the ships depicted in this - it's all in good fun. So remember how I mentioned that there was a drawing of OIkawa x Kageyama that made me uneasy about the ship? :) FOLKS, IT'S FINALLY HERE.

In contrast to his outward appearance, Asahi is rather quiet and gentle, and he has difficulty accepting that he is Karasuno's ace because he does not see himself as the ace at first. Asahi is said to have a "Glass Heart," taking everything said about him personally and becoming depressed as a result. He demonstrates his lack of willpower early on when he leaves the team before the first-years join because he felt he let down his entire team when they lost to Date Tech, despite the fact that the team thought otherwise. After returning to Karasuno, he realizes that his desire to play volleyball is much stronger than he thought, and with the help of his teammates, he recognizes his position as Karasuno's ace, even though Daichi still mocks him for not having any "ace-like presence," and gains self-confidence. While he still feels insecure about many things and appears to be a scaredy-cat, he clearly states in later chapters that he has no intention of letting anyone take his ace position away from him, demonstrating his development from the beginning.

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