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Helluva Boss Moxxie Possum

Moxxie is a red-skinned Imp Demon with white freckles on his cheeks. His curved black and white striped horns are framed by his white sharp hair. He also has yellow sclera and pupils with black slits. Moxxie possesses a long red slender tail with a quadrilateral barb at the end, as well as lanky digitigrade legs with what seem to be cloven red hooves, like artiodactyls. Moxxie often wears a navy-black coat with red buttons and white cuffs, black slacks, a white shirt with a black turtleneck, a giant red bow-tie, and fingerless gloves. During the episode Loo Loo Land, he wears a basic black suit with no insignia and sunglasses when protecting Stolas, exactly like Blitzo and Millie, although he still wears his standard red bow-tie with it.

"What, no? How is this possible? I've never experimented with acid, mushrooms, or DMT! It's an awful journey! Gevault, gevault! Of course, this is your fault, Blitzo! ....... Would you promise me that you won't criticize me because my lungs are full of honesty? .... I'm not trying to spill too much, but I'm in too deep, so first and foremost... FUCK YOU!! This is usual; nevertheless, two people may participate in this game of dismay! Because I'm tormenting you in YOUR delusion if YOU'RE here, creating irritation!"

You take the shot! Moxxie tossed the rifle back, saying, "We can fire it all at once!" yelled Millie, the boys nodded, and all three fired fire on the monster, some bullets going into their eyes, and the giant ultimately fell to the ground, dead. Then it vanished. The imps exhaled and raised their rifles to return to the cottage's entrance. The elderly woman stood on the porch, her gaze fixed on the devils.

Our favorite grumpy imp is finally available! Moxxie from Helluva Boss, a fantastic show with fantastic animation. It's apt that I portrayed him with an angry expression, since he's easily irritated (it was also easier to make). As usual, I'm pleased with the outcome, albeit the hair might be better. This is something I still need to work on. Have fun:)

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