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Futuristic Badass Armor

'Dead Space' Resource Integration Gear They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and Dead Space demonstrates that this is also true for video games. Beginning with our hero, Isaac Clarke, a systems engineer for a deep space mining corporation - essentially a roughneck who just happens to enjoy a good view while metalworking. Even if it wasn't in his job description, he had the tools and clothing to fight Hell itself.

Names for a futuristic setting are difficult to come up with because they can be anything depending on the setting. In this generator, I primarily focused on how names have evolved over time and attempted to apply similar changes to the names we use today. As a result, the majority of the names in this generator will be familiar but unique. Although some names have already been used by some people, they are not yet widely used, which proves my point about how names change over time. To begin, click the button to generate ten random names. Do you dislike the names? Simply click again to generate a new set of ten random names.

Oh, there are a lot of old, nice-looking armor sets. I'm not saying the new ones are unattractive, but! I'm disappointed that for the past few seasons, almost all armor pieces have been asymmetrical. If I'm not mistaken, we had asymmetrical armor pieces in all seasons beginning with "Season of Arrivals," particularly titan arms, hunter legs, and so on. Bungie, in my opinion, is attempting to make cool armor in very complicated ways by incorporating a lot of strange shapes and who knows what else on Guardians. I'd like to see more simplicity added to the armor next season, because "less is more" sometimes.

The images that motorcycle helmet concepts suggest will vary. This motorcycle helmet design has an almost owlish, birdlike appearance. It has two large, round eyes that are royal blue in color. Two large, metallic pieces that resemble thick, angular brows or feathered crests are placed over the eyes. A short, slightly raised piece that is angled downward is located between the helmet's eyes. This piece could be a strong, short nose or a short beak. The rest of the mask's downward portion is similarly angled, which adds to the beak-like appearance of this piece and the overall birdlike appearance of the helmet concept.

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