Fnf Senpai X Male Reader

I'd done entertaining the females with my charms. As the club hosting was coming to an end, I saw Honey and (y/n) cuddling. It was obvious that it was time for me to go. I approached them gently. But I was terrified Honey-senpai would frighten me again. But I couldn't get those wicked twins to wake up because they were arguing. I took a deep breath and gently shook their shoulders. H-hey, it's time to w-wake up, I was terrified. Honey had awoken and was staring at me with her keen eyes. I recoil in terror. Who woke me up? As I shrieked, I could feel his rage growing. But I also accidently woke up (y/n). I glanced at her, shaking with terror. Honey's eyes were darker than hers. You had the audacity to wake us up from our slumber. Her voice sounded considerably calmer. They glared at me with a dark and harsher stare. This is worse than awakening Kyoyas from his slumber! HELP ME, GOD!!!!!

It's not an issue, Y/n. I like spending time with you and adore you. I adore you as well, you wuss. You kissed his face and let him out of the embrace, then brought the cookies from the tray to the plate, collected the plate, and walked back to the living room, Senpai close after. You placed the dish on the coffee table and sat on the sofa, grabbing the remote from the table near you. Senpai sat down next you, throwing his arm over you and bringing you in closer.

You have a lot to say, and with all honesty? You're not in the mood to let it all out, at least not now. So you were eager to inquire if you might discuss it more at a later time. You averted your sight to the floor, reluctant to meet his stare. You ask meekly, "May.. can we speak about it later?" Maybe tomorrow?

"Can you hear what I'm saying?" From the computer's speakers, a frail, faltering voice rang forth. It pulled at your emotions, yet you couldn't take your gaze away from the screen. "I notice you. Using your camera..." The sounds of 8-bit codes crashing together to create meaningful phrases entered your ears, giving you the impression that you were dreaming for a split second. However, when the speaker spoke out again, you realized that this was not a hoax. "I've been meaning to contact you for quite some time, (Y/N). The true you." All Rights Are Reserved.

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