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Fanart Friday Night Funkin Mod Hex

Friday Night Funkin': Rincewind University is a mod created by Elemenopee that transforms all of the characters into students and/or teachers from Rincewind University, the mod creator's fantasy world. It is currently only available up to Week 3, with only a brief teaser for Week 4. Boyfriend of Rincewind Boyfriend of Rincewind Physical characteristics Species Character Icons: Human Gender Male Eye Color White Hair Color Cyan Normal

You're having a good time with your friends on the neighborhood basketball court on a sunny spring day when a strange, tall figure approaches you. Hex is the name of a robotic-looking man who is ready to engage you in a fierce battle! Are you up for a strange musical duel? To defeat your opponent and put your musical abilities to the test, type the instructions on the screen correctly. Enjoy a full week of Hex-themed songs, and prepare to put the Kade Engine to the test by activating some of its features such as precision stats to help you win and new key combinations. After completing Hex's week, you'll be able to listen to a new bonus song called "Encore." Get your groove on and don't give up in the face of adversity in this tough showdown, which is only available alongside Hex in Weeks 1 and 2 of the game!

Reason: The Beavowl's background animations, animated poses, and animations used for his speech at the start of the song for Champ & Chump are required.

Page Size I hope you're ready for another seven-minute song. - Candelabra This article is quite lengthy, and opening or editing it may cause your browser to slow down. Please exercise extreme caution.

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