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Dnd 5E Oni Player Race

Age: Whether born through a dark ritual or natural reproduction, dullahan mature at the same rate as humans but live much longer. They reach adulthood at the age of 20 and can live for 300 years.Alignment: Dullahan prefer neutral alignments because they believe death comes to everyone at their own pace and to avoid being labeled as monsters.

Giving birth to an Oni's child is a difficult task that frequently results in the mother's death during childbirth; those who survive have their life force greatly weakened and die before a decade has passed, leaving the child an orphan at a young age. A Greater Restoration spell or similar magic can restore the mother's lost life force.Half-Oni do not have happy childhoods; because they are larger than other kids and because of the nature of their households, they frequently progress from being bullied to becoming bullies and, eventually, criminals. Adult Half-most Oni's common Carry is to become criminals or mercenaries, using their natural strength to push and force what they want, but also their cunning to become shadows in history controlling events from behind the scenes. Rarely do circumstances align in such a way that the Half-Oni lives a good life or becomes a good person; instead, they succumb to the dark nature of their parentage or even meet and are raised by their Oni parent. These Half-Oni are said to evolve into full Oni over time.

Jorogumo: I know these ladies are always depicted as bad guys in the stories, but D&D has a long history of offering bad guy races - orcs, goblinoids, gnolls, ogres... In Volo's Guide, we have freaking Yuan-ti purebloods who are supposed to be emotionless world-conquering cannibalistic sociopaths. Surely, D&D can reskin Jorogumo as a femme fatale "edgy" PC race to go alongside the tiefling and shadar-kai? Vanara: I know Pathfinder has them, but D&D did them first (Oriental Adventures 3e), and they are one of the most well-known heroic fantasy races in Indian mythology.

This monster can be a powerful and dynamic solo boss encounter for groups of levels 7 to 9, or it can be combined with another villain or groups of villains in a single encounter for much higher level parties. As a solo encounter, the oni nightblade can move in and out of combat creatively, hiding when it needs to regenerate and ambushing the PCs one by one as it moves through darkness, fading in and out of visibility. They can be used as the villains themselves or as the big bad's right hand. They also go well with powerful villains like devils (who have Devil Sight and can see through onis darkness), chromatic dragons (whose blindsight cuts through magical darkness), drow, liches, and other evil entities. The most dangerous and powerful of these clients may hire a large number of nightblades at once, even contracting the entire Shadow Clan for short periods of time. While the cost in coin and magic is high, the benefits in intelligence, espionage, and personal security provided by so many nightblades are nearly unrivaled.PDF Link | D&D Beyond: Oni Nightblade

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