Deadlox Minecraft Face

"Deadlox," also known as Ty (real name Tyler Ellis) (born April 17, 1995), is a former friend of SkyDoesMinecraft and MinecraftUniverse, as well as the founder of Team Crafted (he has recently left). He only posts 'Try not to laugh' challenges on Deadlox every day. He currently has over 52,000 subscribers, whom he refers to as his "Dead Army." Deadlox also has a gaming channel called Lox, where he uploads multiple games and has over 420,000 subscribers because he uploads at least twice a week. Ty has also stated that his surname "Ty" is a contraction of "Tyler," not Taylor or Tay. Ty, one of the youngest members of the former Team Crafted, is 26 years old. [] Epic Jump Maps

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